Vintage English Plate Set, Stamped Johnson Bros, made in England


Beautiful Painted Ceramic Plate Set

An early 1950's Johnson Brothers England, dinner set in black and white, with a great image of sailing or racing yachts in warm greys, black and white. Apparently Johnson Bros. only started naming their designs in the 1950s - and this one doesn't seem to have an official name from what I can find out. 

Stamped Johnson Bros, Made In England C4

 The shapes in this range are just so great with their bio-morphic design - not quite a circular, not quite oval plates. It would be great if all dinnerware wasn't round all the time! So many amazing designs came out of this decade.


6 bowls: Length - 17cms Width - 15cms Depth 4.5cms

1 small saucer: 10.5cms diameter

6 plates: 26cms diameter

1 lge plate: Length- 23.5cms Width: 24cms

2 square plates: 17cms diameter

6 small plates: Length - 18.5cms Width - 17cms

Total: Length - 26.5cms

Width - 26cms

Height - 11cms

Weight: 6.8 kgs

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