Staffordshire Plate - Royal Staffordshire Pottery AJ Wilkinson Ltd HoneyGlaze


Royal Stafford Shire Pottery AJ Wilkinson Ltd Honey Glaze 1947+

5 AVAILABLE - refer to pics for different designs

First 5 designs -

Length 21cm

Width 15cm

Height 2cm

Weight 0.27g

Last 3 designs - (Slightly smaller)

Length 20cm

Width 14cm

Height 2cm

Weight 0.27g


The Benefits of English Qualit

Royal Stafford Tableware is housed in the historical Overhouse manufactory buildings of Burslem, Stoke on Trent.

Today the company brings British design and British manufacturing to the international housewares' and ceramics market with innovative designs for a new decade.

Royal Stafford brings together their expertise of market knowledge, manufacturing techniques and processes with craftsmanship and design.

Royal Stafford creates both in-house collections of ceramic tableware and bespoke ranges for clients both nationally and internationally, all of whom benefit from the knowledge and skill which the Pottery bases its foundations upon.

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