Polly Woodside Nautical Replica Boat


Polly Woodside Nautical Replica Boat

Polly Woodside is a three-masted, iron-hulled barque, preserved in Melbourne, Australia, and forming the central feature of the South Wharf precinct. The ship was originally built in Belfast by William J. Woodside and was launched in 1885. Polly Woodside is typical of thousands of smaller iron barques built in the last days of sail, intended for deep water trade around the world and designed to be operated as economically as possible with minimal crew.

At one stage of her career she operated as a cargo vessel carrying coal, nitrate, and wheat between British ports and the ports of South America, such as Montevideo, Valparaiso and Buenos Aires. In sixteen voyages between December 1885 and August 1903 she made a number of arduous passages around Cape Horn.

Our model comes fully assembled and is a fine tribute to one of Australia’s nautical icons.

Length - 40cms

Height - 38cms

Depth - 10 cms

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