Antique "Adam Jasper" Ice Bucket Genuine Rare Collector Bar Barware Beautiful

Adams Jasper

Beautiful Antique "Adam Jasper" Ice Bucket 
Genuine, Rare, Collector's Item, Barware 

Measurements: (to be updated)

Height - 
Width -
Depth - 
Weight -

Please note
the word ADAMS being impressed upon this specimen of JASPER WARE, 
the purchaser may be assured it is genuine ADAMES JASPER, 
a reproduction of the made by ADAMS, the famous 18th Century Potter and no other, 
and made at the original factory. - (Vide Chaffers and authorities upon ceramics.)

About William Adams (potter): William Adams (baptised 1746; died 1805) was an English potter, a maker of fine jasperware at the time of its development and introduction to the English market.

Type: Ice Buckets

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