About Us

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My name is Robyn and I have worked for myself all of my life. Now, finally, I am turning my love and interest into a lifestyle and enjoy passing on the pleasure of old and recycling to others. This is how Vintage Sourcer began..

My grandparents, my Mum and her two brothers immigrated from the U.K in the early 50s and so as a child I was surrounded by interesting and beautiful English pieces - clocks, china, bells,ornaments, toys etc. My Grandmother would always give me something and I am sure my love of the ‘OLD’ started then.

I have visited many countries and I always find myself drawn to the antique, secondhand and op shops of an area - I get a certain feeling and I begin to just soak up the atmosphere of the stories and history. Often, I purchase a special piece that reminds me of my time in that area and I then let it start a new chapter in our home.

My eldest daughter has lived in London for 8 years and on a trip with my other daughter and my Mum, we visited a small seaside town in the north of England . There, I picked up a business card and later ordered a tea pot from John which he sent to me here in Australia. I am now expecting a second container from John to arrive next month. His shop is at the corner of the streets where my grandparents and great grandparents lived most of their lives. Yes, I think this is meant to be!

I also now source items locally. Aside from Australian items, I find so many pieces with FAR AWAY origins. 

I hope you enjoy visiting our store and imagining the stories behind the items as much as I do. Please visit my website www.vintagesourcer.com.au